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On Site Accounting

What does this mean for you? It means that we handle all of your community's accounting within our office. This is very important to us because we know how important finances are to you and your community. We will always be able to answer your questions about where and how your money is being spent.

Collections & Deed Restriction Violation

Homeowners come first and LPI is here to make sure that residents in your community are happy. This is why we will gladly work with homeowners and create a payment plan that works best for them. 


  • Assessment collection

  • Ability to provide and facilitate payment plans for homeowners

  • Customized deliquency plans



Through experience in the industry, we have found that most deed restriction violations come from lack of knowledge of what is expected of the homeowner. That is why our 1st letter is a friendly notice to fix the violation, with a reference to the deed restrictions where the violation is stated. We want to work with homeowners to resolve the violation the easiest way possible. That is why we recommend giving us a phone call if a homeowner wants to discuss the violation letter they received. When it comes to inspections, we are a well-oiled machine and know the importance of protecting your property value. Let’s get the visual appeal of your community back on track with some of the things LPI has to offer:


  • Customized inspection schedules

  • Property Managers that are well versed in your communities governing documents & policies

  • Follow through on continuing violations

  • Innovative solutions to repeated violations such as an e-blast with information about keeping weeds out of your flower beds, or removing mold from your home

  • Keeping an open line of communication between homeowners and LPI to resolve violations

Board Training & Continuing Education

First, we want to thank those that have stepped up to the plate to be elected to their community Board of Directors. It is no easy task and we want to give you all the tools and resources for you to succeed in this position. We can facilitate and customize a board training session for any new board members, or seasoned board members that want to be kept in the loop with any changing industry trends. We can also facilitate specialized training for things such as:


  • Reading and understanding financials

  • Enforcing ARC guidelines

  • Insurance

  • Any other subject you want to cover

Negotiating Service Contracts

Getting you the best pricing on service contracts is top on our priority list when it comes to working with vendors. We not only find you a fair price, but we find you the most qualified contractors that are licensed and insured. We work with a wide array of contractors who have consistently met our very high standards that HOA boards expect. LPI will be there to offer a start to finish oversight on your community projects.

Communication & Facilitation

Fostering communication is key when it comes to effective board support from homeowners. Don’t consider LPI as an outside property manager, think of us as part of your HOA team. We know the issues surrounding the lives of your homeowners and we want to exhaust all measures to solve them. How? We will find the best way to create a working line of communication between homeowner and the board members through:


  • HOA board meetings and workshops

  • Neighborhood & resident email blasts

  • Online services for members to stay connected of upcoming board meetings, meeting minutes, financials, and all governing documents

  • Mail outs to homeowners

  • Signage posted throughout community

  • Community events

  • Website design and management specifically tailored to your community


We are here to advise, facilitate and keep things moving forward for your community association. We will be there every step of the way for HOA board decisions and communication. Our goal is to provide you with services that make your community safe, proactive, desirable and to help protect your property value and investment.  Let us get you there by taking some items off your plate such as:


  • Regular inspections of the property

  • Reporting on violations of the deed restrictions that your community abides by

  • Use our violation escalation system to provide notice to homeowners who have violated any deed restrictions 

  • Working closely with homeowners to resolve any questions or issues with such violations by constantly reminding them that we are a phone call away and would love to help

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